Scooby Doo Nail Decals Water Slide Scooby-Doo Halloween

Scooby Doo Nail Decals Water Slide Scooby-Doo Halloween

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1 sheet as seen in picture. Printed on laser waterslide decal paper. These are NOT STICKERS!!!

•Paint your nails (we prefer gel) and let them dry fully
•Cut out the nail wrap you are going to use
•Hold nail wraps in a small bowl of room temperature or cold water, using tweezers for 30 seconds
•Apply a clear tacky nail polish or diamond rhinestone adhesive (do not cure, leave tacky)(DO NOT USE GLUE) to nail
•Slide the nail wrap off the white backing *do not force or it’ll rip*
•Carefully place the nail wrap on your nail
•Dab excess water off the nail decal with a paper towel
•After smoothing, You can cure in lamp if using a gel or rhinestone adhesive
•After curing, file the excess gently.
•Seal in the nail wrap with a gel top coat or a thin layer of clear acrylic preferably

Please watch youtube videos on how to apply waterslide nail decals. For experienced people.

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